Hutson's History - The Humour Books

  • Date published: 31 October 2005
    Publisher: Crombie Jardine
    Format: Hardback
    Pages: 160
    ISBN: 1-905102-37-2

    Forget everything you have ever read or were taught in school.

    Recently discovered in the attic of a 15th-century house in Lower Silesia, this manuscript was bought at auction by the best-selling horror writer Shaun Hutson. During translation from the original Latin into English, Hutson uncovered the true identity of the author: none other than... Attila the Hun.

    Like Nostradamus, Attila the Hun was able to foresee the advent of modern life and technology as we know it today. Covering everything from wars and nature to washing machines and spelling, here is the alternative history of the world!