Questions 2019

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Hi Shaun hope your good mate I've read all your books now and was wondering when chase is out in paperback as Im looking forward too reading it can't wait for more of your books too be honest take it easy your fan for life Ryan!!!!

Hello Ryan. Thanks for the kind words. Always nice to hear. Chase should be out in paperback sometime this year so I'm told. Testament is due out in hardback and four more of the older titles are also due to be re-issued by Caffeine Nights both as print versions and also digitally. So keep your eyes peeled, Ryan and I hope you enjoy them all again. All the best.

Right, folks, that's it for another month. Keep the questions coming.
It's always great for me to see what people are thinking... And, as ever, I thank you all for your interest.


Dear Mr, Hutson,
Just saw the movie Slugs, based on your great novel, loved it:)
Could I please send you my DVD cover so you can sign it for me?
That would be SO cool!!
Hope you are well and to hear from you soon.
With most kind regards,
Stein de Jong.
The Netherlands.

Hello Stein, I'm glad you enjoyed Slugs the Movie. And if you would like to send me the DVD cover then of course I'll sign it for you.


Hi Shaun,
You'll have absolutely no recollection of me but I interviewed you many years ago for a Waterstone’s genre magazine. I’m also a big horror fan and have loved your books since I was far too young to be reading them.
Anyway, as I think you’re out Milton Keynes way – and that’s reasonably nearby – and as we once discussed your love of Great Yarmouth, I wondered if I could interest you in the following...
I’m hoping to put together a relatively informal horror gathering in Norwich city centre this summertime. At the moment I have Saturday July 6th in mind (from early afternoon onwards) but at this stage it’s reasonably flexible. Just a private room in an easily-accessible pub, good company, drinks, chat, a couple of stories. I wondered if you’d be interested in coming along; maybe reading a story, selling some books or other wares (if anyone else turns up that is!). It would be great to have you there.
Please let me know your thoughts, and I can start to knock things into shape. Maybe this could even become a semi-regular thing – once or twice a year. Though of course you’d be under no obligation to commit to more!
Thank you for reading. Keep up the good work, and all the very best,

Hello, Joe, I might remember you clearly for all you know ha, ha...I remember doing lots of stuff with and for Waterstones years ago. I do love Great Yarmouth. My mum and dad took me there every year for about twelve years when I was a kid. I'll have a think about your kind offer. Keep in touch. All the best.


Good morning Shaun,
My dad brought me up on your books and he has even written to yourself when he was younger.
I currently work a desk job but I have always had a passion for writing and do believe that everyone has a novel or two in them.
I have a few concepts in mind and even started to write them down and start a few chapters. I didn't know if you had any reccomendations for writing or beginning to write?
Thankyou for any responses you can give me.
From a big fan,

Hi Tom, Many thanks for the kind words and thanks to your dad too for bringing you up right (on my books!!)
If you want to write, then write. There are no rules or things you have to follow. If you've got something to say then say it. I always used to think that the only way to do it was to write what you wanted to write and just pray to God that someone wants to read it. I also believe that you should write about something you're passionate about (and write passionately too). You can teach people the mechanics of writing but you can't give them that spark, that burning desire to share their stories. It is all about passion. Believe in yourself. Don't let friends or family read your stuff (they'll be biased). But every writer works differently. What works for me might not work for you. You have to do things your own way, Tom and I'm sure you will. But do it!!! Above all do it. Don't be sitting around in ten years whining about how you wanted to write...Fucking do it!!! You've got as much chance as any one else. You don't have to be Shakespeare (look at some of the shit on the shelves in any bookshop!)...just find your story and write it. And keep in touch. All the best.

Hi Shaun
Love your work, thanks for all your books.
Reading Chase now, very dark, very Shaun Hutson ha ha
Just wanted to say there is a website right up your street called 'Is A Cunt' will absolutely love it, if you haven't discovered it for yourself already here is the link.

Hi, Brenda, many thanks for the kind words. I will definitely check out that website. It sounds right up my street....In fact I just looked and some of it looks as if it was written by me..ha, ha.. I'm glad you're enjoying Chase. I hope you enjoy TESTAMENT too which is coming out soon. Thanks again for the kind words Brenda.

Hi Shaun,
I have been reading your novels since the early 90s. I was, and still am, a huge fan. Like you I love horror movies esp the old Hammer ones. Every novel you write takes be back to when horror was horror... none of this diluted muted modern trash. Your books have seen me through many tough times.
Thank you.
Samantha. Artist, horror fan, novel addict.

Hi Samantha, it's nice to know someone else misses the good old days of horror too! I know some people would say it's just how times change but I think that's bullshit personally. Horror had balls back in the 80's and 90's. Now, it feels as if a lot of it is tip toeing around. Either that or it's so predictable. Certainly that's true of horror films. I wouldn't know so much about modern horror books because I don't read them. I hope my stuff is still seeing you through tough times (and good ones too for that matter). Thanks Samantha.

Mr. Hutson
I grew up on an Indian reservation without running water and electricity. Reading was how we passed time. I don't remember how I got my hands on Erebus, but it was one of the most memorable horror books of my childhood. I've always been on the lookout for your other titles that Erebus mentioned, but never could find them in a traditional bookstore. Recently, I had a flashback of Erebus and decided to look you up on
Thank you very much for the low price of a kindle edition book. I've just finished Slugs and am about to dig into Spawn. I'm ecstatic to know that you kept writing all these years. May your pen never run out of ink...
Respectfully yours,
Eugene D. Cody

Hi Eugene and many thanks for your message and kind words. I'm really glad you enjoyed Erebus and managed to find some more of my books to enjoy. I hope you've been enjoying the new ones as much as you enjoyed Erebus. I think my style has changed a bit over the years but I'd like to think I've retained the speed, suspense and savagery that were always my trademarks. Thanks again for getting in touch Eugene.

Hi Shaun, Met you at a Horror Con (or is it com?) in Sheffield a couple of years back. Apologies for getting a little tongue tied, but you are a bit scary. Have loved your work for many, many years and cannot wait for Testament to come out.
Also hear that a company has bought the film rights to Chase?
A (slightly begrudging) congrats to your boys in red. Having a great season and fully deserve to be up there with the quality they are showing.
All the best
John R

Hello, John... I'm a bit scary!!!! Oh shit, I hope not, well, not in real life anyway! I can't wait to hear what you think of Testament. I always look forward to what readers have to say about my books (as long as they're good ha, ha.) but for some reason, when it involves a Sean Doyle book, I'm always even more on edge about the reactions. The company that bought the film rights to Chase don't seem to have done fuck all with them but you never know. I've also got interest in Spawn from the same Spanish producer who made Slugs but you can't get excited until...well... until the cheque clears to be honest! Thanks again for your message John.